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Arthritic Foot and Ankle Care

Arthritis is a condition that occurs in the joints. The word “arthritis” means joint inflammation and arthritis involves inflammation in the body’s joints and surrounding tissues.

Arthritis generally effects people 60 and older, but can occur in anyone.

Since your foot has over 30 joints, arthritis is common there. When arthritis affects the feet, it can cause painful deformities and altered foot function, and can be extremely painful or even crippling. The most common areas of arthritis in the ankle and foot are:

  • The joint where the ankle and shinbone meet
  • The joints of the foot including: heel bone, mid-foot bone, outer mid-foot bone
  • Joint of the big toe and foot

While there is no medically endorsed cure for arthritis, there things that you can do to help reduce inflammation, and combat this condition; helping to make it easier on your joints.

Proper care can address both pain, and joint deformity.

Tips on Foot Care for People With Arthritis

A few exercises that are beneficial for the ankle and foot arthritis include:

  • Achilles Stretch
  • Big-Toe Stretch
  • Toe Pull
  • Toe Curl

Other Arthritic Foot and Ankle Care Can Include:

  • Custom Shoes Supports
  • Braces to Support the Joints
  • Physical Therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory Medication
  • Surgery

A podiatrist can offer advice on self-care, discuss available treatment options with you, and help you to develop a treatment plan.

If you have arthritis in the foot or ankle, contact Dr. Anthony LaMarra, your Houston-based podiatrist specializing in arthritic foot care.