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Foot and ankle injuries are relatively common.

Doctors have noticed an increase in ankle injuries in recent years, due to an active, older population.

Some of the most common types of foot injuries are broken bones, torn ligaments, or lack of proper foot care.

Common foot injuries include:

  • Talus Fracture or Broken Talus - The talus is the small bone between your heel bone and your lower leg. The talus connects your foot and leg, and helps transfer weight and pressure across your ankle joint. Most injuries to the talus occur during motor vehicle accidents, falls from great heights or other high stress impacts. An untreated talus fracture can lead to chronic pain, bone collapse, and even premature arthritis. Surgery is often required to treat a broken talus bone.
  • Heel Fracture - While it’s not easy to fracture your heel bone, it is possible. A high fall or vehicle accident could leave you with a fractured or broken heel bone. Depending on the severity of the break or fracture - surgery may or may not be required.
  • Mid-foot (Lisfranc) Fracture - Commonly caused by dropping a heavy object onto the foot, mid-foot fractures are a common injury. If the bones have not been pushed out of place, surgery may not be required. However, you will most likely have a cast for up to 6 weeks or until the fracture or break has healed.
  • Stress Fracture - Stress fractures are common fractures that occur due to overuse. Tiny cracks along your bones occur when your muscles have been overworked, and become tired — unable to support the shock of impacts, thus transferring the stress to the bones. Most treatment options for stress fractures include a reduction of activity level, a possible foot brace, and shoe inserts to help protect your foot.
  • Toe Fracture - A toe fracture is a common injury, and considering that nearly one-fourth of the bones in your body are found in your feet, it’s no wonder why. Most toe fractures are painful, but not disabling, and usually heal without surgery.

For more information on foot injury treatment, contact Dr. Anthony LaMarra, Houston’s leading podiatrist specializing in foot injuries.