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Laser Nail Fungus Removal

Nail fungus is a common condition that is found in the nailbeds of toes or fingers.

It generally starts as a discoloration such as yellow or white, and as it deepens, the nail fungus causes the nail to discolor, thicken, and crumble.

Depending on the extent of the fungus, treatment may or may not be required. Treatment options include creams and polishes that are applied to the toenail, oral antifungal drugs are sometimes prescribed as well. More severe cases will require extensive treatment, such as surgery.

A relatively new treatment option that is growing in popularity is nail fungus laser treatment.

Together with good hygiene, follow up treatment, and medicated creams –laser treatment for nail fungus can have positive long-term results.

How Does it Work?

So just how does it work? Nail fungus laser treatment works by shining a highly focused beam of light, known as a laser, onto the infected bed of the nail. The laser light penetrates the infected nail, and vaporizes the fungus from the bed of the nail.

The focused light allows for a direct treatment that targets only the infected areas and will not cause harm to the healthy nail beds.

Is It Safe?

Laser treatment for fungus or infection is not painful, and doesn’t cause discomfort during or after the procedure. While oral nail fungus medication has possible side effects, laser treatment doesn’t carry this risk. There have been no known adverse reactions or side effects from lasers that are used to treat toenail fungus.

Is It Effective?

Clinical studies to date show that over 80% of patients experience improvement when using certain types of lasers. The treatment itself takes around ten minutes from start to finish, and generally only requires one appointment. Different clinics use different lasers so consult with your podiatrist for more information on their success rate for laser fungus treatment.

For more information on toenail fungus laser treatment in Houston, contact Dr. Anthony Lamarra of Shepherd Square Podiatry today. We offer laser treatment for toenail fungus, and make every effort to ensure that each of our patients receives the highest standards of care.