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Poor Circulation

Good circulation is essential for maintaining health. Well-circulated blood affects every part of the body from internal organs, to your fingertips and toes.

Poor circulation in feet can lead to serious problems. Monitoring the circulation in your feet is the best way to keep these problems at bay.

Causes of Poor Circulation

Poor circulation is often related to medical issues, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. It can also be caused by smoking, lack of exercise, and poor diet.

Dangers of Poor Circulation

Poor circulation in the feet can be dangerous. Good circulation is necessary to keep the nerves healthy, and poor circulation can cause an impaired sense of feeling in the feet, which can lead to serious injuries. Poor circulation can cause wounds to heal less quickly, and in serious cases, can even lead to ulceration, gangrene, and even potential amputation.


If left unchecked, poor circulation can lead to serious problems. While medication may be required to treat some cases of poor circulation, there are other options that can help as well.

In people with poor foot circulation, injuries, and infections often go unnoticed and untreated. If you have poor circulation in your feet, it’s important to have a six monthly check by your podiatrist to help detect any issues with your feet before they become a serious problem.

Your podiatrist will measure your foot pulses to check your circulation, and will test your reflexes, as well as vibration and pressure sensitivity.

Your podiatrist will also be able to work with you, to help you learn how to monitor your own feet in between appointments.

Contact Dr. Anthony LaMarra, your Houston-based podiatrist for more information on treatment for poor circulation.