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Revision Foot Surgery

Revision foot or ankle surgery is sometimes needed to correct an existing problem, or a problem that has already been corrected before.

Even after surgery, things can still go wrong, such as broken screws, rods, plates, or improper alignment. To correct this, revision surgery is often necessary.

Second Surgery

Often the attempted treatment will not go as planned. You may still be experiencing pain or discomfort, and there may still be difficulty walking. If this occurs, you may be in need of revision foot surgery.

Revision surgery can remove broken or damaged hardware, realign bones to their correct position, or add bone substitutes and electronic devices to aid the healing process.

If you are in need of follow-up foot surgery, contact Dr. Anthony J. LaMarra, Houston-based podiatrist. Dr. LaMarra’s experience in podiatric medicine and surgery is coupled with genuine concern for his patients, and he is dedicated to your providing you with the solutions that you need to help you maintain healthy feet and ankles.